Fostering positive childhood development.


At the Beehive, we believe that all children are made in the image of God. That's why we create an environment that fosters positive growth, paying special attention to each child's individual needs.


Reggio & Montessori inspired activities.


Early childhood development happens best when children are given opportunities to learn and discover on their own or in groups. Using Reggio and Montessori inspired activities and methods, we create an environment where the children can do just that. Through uninterrupted blocks of work and play time, 'discovery' rather than 'directed' activities, and mixed ages in the classroom, the children naturally grow and develop at their own individual pace.


Preparation for the future.


We offer 4 and 2 hour, fully-staffed sessions, preparing your child for kindergarten and beyond. So bring your children to the Beehive and leave them with our experienced staff until the end of the session.